Antiques Mall : Part 1, Cool Stuff

Lately my boyfriend and I are on a budget, so we spend an awful lot of time cooped up in the house watching TV and playing video games….but there’s only so much of that you can handle before you just need to GO SOMEWHERE. We try to find places we can go and do things that are cheep, or better yet, free. One of my personal favorite places to go is a HUGE Antiques Mall that is fairly close by. They have HUNDREDS of vendors selling out of one big building, and you NEVER know what you might find there. Even if you’re broke just window shopping in this store can be fascinating. And to make it even better they have free coffee, water, and animal crackers for patrons (but its always nice to leave a tip in the tip jar).

If you live in upstate NY and want to check them out their website is here

Anyway, we were desperately bored yesterday, and I hadn’t yet introduced my boyfriend to the joys of the antiques mall, so we got in the car and headed over.

If you’re going to check it out I DEFINITELY recommend going on a weekday if at all possible…the place tends to be pretty empty during the week, and you will find that the employees are alot less rushed and alot more willing to let you take stuff out of locked cases and look at it, try it on, play with it, etc. If you absolutely HAVE to go on the weekend or a holiday, be prepared for the check out line to be pretty long, and to have to wait a while for assistance. I’ve gone on busy days many times and I dont really mind, but if you’re an impatient person this might not be for you.

Ok, review part over, now for the FUN stuff.

I’m splitting this entry into sections because its going to be very graphics heavy and long. Hopefully I’ll keep it interesting enough that you’ll stick around and read all the parts, but feel free to skim.

This first part is called “cool stuff” because its all the cool things I found that don’t necessarily fit in the other categories.


Everybody seems to really dig my hat posts, so I’ll do them first. I really like this one, love the colors and the oversize flower thing….might look better with my hair down.


LOVE this…People might think the so called “fascinator” hats are over the top, but i think as long as you have the confidence to wear it brazenly without shame, you can pull them off. Please ignore any resemblance to Mary Poppins that may have occured with these first two hats.


I’ve mentioned before that flower hats are a BIG thing in the antique hat world. Some of them are awesome and some are awful…. this one is somewhere in between. I actually like the colors and the ribbon swirlies… but the shape and the way it sits on the head are kind of off. Not something I would purchase, but fun to play with.


This hat reminds me tremendously of my Grandmother who passed away this year. She, too, had a passion for hats. Here is her in one of her favorites:

:2012-07-08 12.19.50

I think she would have loved this hat, with its beige velvet and feathers. Wish I could show her.


And this is my boyfriend wearing a Ushanka.  He looks really cute, so I had to share him. He’s gonna kill me.

Now for some random cool stuff that I saw that caught my eye:


These, for the uninformed, are Punch and Judy bookends (or possibly door stops, although why you’d have TWO I don’t know) They are cast iron and they are awesome. Kids these days, and hell, alot of people in MY age group, have no idea who Punch and Judy ARE..and that’s sad…if you don’t know, please go look them up, its worth your time, I promise. Here I’ll even give you a link.


Many of my friends are comic book geeks (ok, i MIGHT be one too… but I read more obscure stuff like “Gloom Cookie“) so when I saw The Bat Knife I just had to shoot a photo… you KNOW some of you are squeeing over this right now.


This is why I love costume jewelry…because sometime, bigger IS better, damnit. I would totally rock these if they were actually my size.


THIS…is unspeakably cool. I wish I knew someone who was going into the medical field just so I had a reason to buy it. You can’t entirely tell from the picture but the book opens up, its a LOCKET, and it has a loop to hang it as a pendant. Its about an inch tall and a bit smaller in width, and the intricacy is just breath taking. Would make a GREAT present for a graduating Med student.


AHAHAHA….ok its just so VERY off color and inappropriate that I love it… I would buy it but it would end up just sitting in a box of stuff somewhere, and something like this deserves to be on display. By the way Websters, I believe they prefer “little people dictionary” these days.


How cool are these? When you went to the doctor, back in the whenever…. they would use these to measure your eyes and the size of your lenses. nifty.


This doll is just SO 60’s I couldn’t resist taking her picture. She’s not a barbie, she’s only about 4 or 5 inches tall. very cute.10891479_1536914186593651_517576484900967442_n

Last Random thing: This is pin…or if you want to sound cultured, a broach…..or if you want to sound fancy or from “across the pond”, a BROOCH. As you can see, its a jewel covered sword. I wouldn’t wear it, but it fascinates me for some reason.

And now for a short segway about art:


Here is some really awesome wire art… I do not know the artist, and the picture is kind of crummy because they were in a glass case that reflected the light really badly… but they’re very intricate, and probably took a really long time to do. I think they’re neat.


This is a polymer clay (Fimo and Sculpey are the best known brands of polymer clay, so you may know it by that) figure. Now, I used to work with polymer clay, so many times when I seem stuff made of it, I just think “i could do that” and am not impressed. This one caught my eye because of the intricate, delicate detailing in the eyes…. THAT takes skill. I don’t know who the artist is, but whoever you are, my hats off to you.

THESE Photos are of things I saw that I know certain friends of mine would love, and some of you might like too. I’ll call this section “If I was Rich I Would Buy you This”


So this one I actually WOULDN’T buy…unless my boyfriend was a girl. And he’s not. But he DOES have an obsession with zebras, and a slowly growing collection of zebra stuff, so, if he WAS a girl, I would be buying this for him. Because that’s how my mind works.


This would be a gift for one of my good friends

He collects antique/vintage keys and locks, and has even started an art installation on a wall in his house to display them (i got permission to post the photo):


Which is pretty cool… and this shadow box would be a great addition….I wish the tag wasn’t taped to the front, it kind of ruins it, but whatever…. it was only $5 so it may eventually move to the “I bought you this” list, since that doesn’t really involve me being rich, as long as no one snatches it up before me.

I also wanted to buy him THIS though:


Its a lockable key holder box, which is really pretty cool, and would be a GREAT way to display his cooler keys. But its also $150, so…..sorry dude…. (And again, sorry for the crummy photo, the reflective glass really gives my camera problems some times)


I have another friend that is really into pirates. She and I actually dressed as pirates for a festival a few years back, and it was a blast! I would love to get this for her.


And THIS would be for my cousin. He loves guitars, especially strange looking ones, this would be RIGHT up his alley… he plays left handed though, and those are hard to find, so unfortunately, even if I could afford it he probably wouldn’t get much use out of it. Oh well, its the thought that counts.

and now for my FAVORITE part…stuff I wish I could buy…..for ME.


I’m not entirely sure I would buy this….but it would be cool to have. I mean, I AM a fan of the walking dead, and who doesn’t need a Zombie Hunting Knife?


I’m not entirely sure why I want these. They’re tooth picks or skewers and they seem to be hand carved…. I just think they’re darling. I have no idea what I’d do with them…but I want them.

10406375_1536913913260345_68288365869178295_n   10801855_1536913849927018_2185716069370041859_n

I half want this for myself and half want it for my boyfriend. I want it for myself because its FRIGGIN SWEET….and I collect skull stuff. BUT, its hard to tell, but if you look closely at the second picture you’ll see its actually a PIPE….and my boyfriend also collect skulls, and sometimes SMOKES a pipe… so giving it to him would be like giving myself a present…cuz who wouldn’t be turned on by a guy smoking out of that??? Crazy people, thats who!


This is another item I’m not sure why I want, but do. This little psychedelic owl is just so HAPPY looking to me… I don’t think I could ever frown looking at him…so he really should go on a wall somewhere so I can look at him every day. Also, I didn’t notice until I went to crop the photo, but that green and pink piggy bank is kind of awesome too.10675730_1536914613260275_2684188748247036970_n

I love cats. (I have ten. Yes I know, once I got into double digits even *I* had to admit I’m a crazy cat lady) I don’t collect cat stuff, in fact I try to avoid collecting it, because there’s just SO MUCH cat stuff, and it would overwhelm me and my storage space, both…. but for some reason these salt and pepper shaker kittens just stole my heart… I may go back for them.


This is great… the picture is actual size….sorry its a bit blurry, I took it with my phone and when i cropped it the resolution kind of went to hell. The tag says its a pill box, but as far as i’m concerned its a TEENY TINY TREASURE CHEST(which , by the way, is REALLY hard to say quickly….seriously try it.)


I’ve been admiring this little piece for a while… there’s several of them, jade bases with little metal (might be pewter, might be silver, tag didn’t say) animals on them. I know they’re supposed to be a set, but really, I only want this one. If you’re familiar with this blog then you know that I have a squirrel that lives with me (I wouldn’t call her a pet, exactly, more like an animal friend) and since i met her, I’ve been sort of coveting squirrel stuff, and its very possible that my next collection will center around that. and this little one is  BEAUTY. What do you think, should I separate her from her set, or let someone else buy it who will enjoy it as a whole?


I’m not a huge purse lover, I have more than I can ever remember to use, I really only like two or three of them….but this one just is REALLY eye catching, and its well made out of horse hide… the case it was in was open so I got to touch it and its really soft…. my apologies to those who are against fur (honestly I am too, but I’ll occasionally still buy it, because I’m comfortable with my hypocrisy.) Anyway, its gorgeous, and its only $20, which, if you’re a woman, you know is a pretty damn good deal. I didn’t have the cash to spend on it, we’ll see if its still there when I go back. Fingers crossed.


THIS is , by far, my ultimate favorite thing I saw at the antiques mall. Incase you don’t recognize it (SACRILEGE!) it is the King of Hearts from Disney’s 1950’s version of Alice in Wonderland. Now, I am a born collector, and over the years I have collected many things…but my biggest, best, and most obsessive collection is anything and everything related to Alice in Wonderland. Maybe someday I’ll blog about my collection, I should because its pretty impressive, and in my opinion awesome. And Mr of Hearts here would have made a TERRIFIC addition…if he didn’t cost $125. I know, that seems pretty steep for a coffee mug, right? To be fair, anything with the KING of hearts is going to be pretty rare, because he wasn’t a well known character, and he didn’t play a huge part in any of the film adaptations, a far as I remember. But even with that in mind, I just cant afford to drop that much on one piece, so, alas, unless I am lucky enough to have someone gift him to me, he will remain at the antiques mall, waiting for someone with deeper pockets than I.

Well, thats it for Part 1 of my Antiques Mall Adventure, if you enjoyed it please be sure to read the other parts, and please feel free to leave me comments, I love to chat with my readers. Thanks!


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