Wake Up Songs

Originally written: just now

So I’m having a conversation with my boyfriend. The conversation started because I was singing to my puppy. Singing a nonsense song comprised of the words “I love my baaaby puppy! I love my baaaby puppy!”

I turned and warned my boyfriend that the reason I am singing to the puppy is that I’ve gotten to a new level of comfort with him. The I-sing-to-my-pets level.

Because, you see, I KNOW my behavior is embarrassing.

But this is a thing that I do. Often. And I always will.

I will always sing to my pets because due to various factors I cannot have children, but I would sing to them if I did. Since I don’t, the animals are my kids, and I will sing to them.

Because that’s how I was raised.

When I was little, my mom would wake me up every morning SINGING.

Never songs you’d here on the radio, always stuff she was making up on the spur of the moment.

And do you know… I am not and have never been a MORNING person… But it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get mad at or be mean to a person who has just entered the room singing nonsense at the top of their lungs!

When I became a teen the singing phased out… These days if I stay over at her house she wakes me with ” ALANA!!” In a very loud, drilling voice. And now she get answered in much less pleasant ways.

So I will sing to my dogs. Because it is happy noise, and playful noise, and damnit it’s just fun.

And I wonder, if more parents sang wake up songs, if maybe we all might be a little happier as adults.


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