originally written: MAY 19, 2013

Feel weird today…I get this way occasionally and it makes me nuts. I feel restless and exhausted at the same time…..Like i really REALLY want to do something productive, but don’t feel up to actually doing anything that can be thought of as WORK. I tend to spend this time playing solitaire or facebook games, and really wishing I’d do something better instead of wasting my time. Its a crap feeling, and I want it to go away.

In more interesting news, I finished Robert Asprin’s  Phule’s Company about an hour ago, and quite enjoyed it. I’ve read a few of his “myth” books before, and liked them, but haven’t had access to them in any sort of order, so it was nice to start this series with the FIRST book (even if I don’t have any of the rest of them).

As a side note, I am a HUGE bibliophile, and I voraciously collect any scifi/fantasy books I can get my hands on, BUT, I am also unemployed, and therefore I only buy books second hand. I will not pay more than $1 for a book unless its like, the last book I’m missing in a series that I can’t STAND not to have. Hence the “lack of access” to the “myth” books in order. Phule’s Company is a recent acquisition from one of my FAVORITE book sources, Reflections Thrift Boutique in Newark, NY. The thrift shop, I THINK, is mostly frequented for its HUGE supply of quality used clothing, but its a hidden gem for books. There is a specific book “section” which is semi-organized by genre, but, in my opinion, the boxes and boxes of unorganized books hidden under the clothing racks are MUCH more fun to dig through, and there are LOTS of them. Their prices range from 95 cents to 25 cents, which is a better rate than most GARAGE sales, with a much better selection. If you don’t mind rummaging, its definitely a good spot to go.

Anyway, back to Phule’s Company: the characters are very likable, and relate-able  and the pun-ish humor causees occasional laugh-out-loud moments. Anyone who tends to root for the underdog will LOVE “Captain Jester” and his band of surprisingly talented “losers”. My only real complaint was that the end came far too quickly, but I suppose that’s more incentive to find the next book.

An interesting (to me at least) note is that this book was published in 1990, and the authors conceptualization of future technology is somewhat amusing in retrospect. Captain Jester, who is obscenely rich, owns a device referred to as a “port-a-brain” computer which is remarkably similar to the modern smart phone, or possibly a small tablet. That much was almost prophetic of Asprin….except in the book, the PRICE of one of these units is so prohibitive that only 11 exist in the universe (and we are, of course, an interstellar society at this point). It amuses me to think  that something that in 1990 was assumed to be the HEIGHT of technology in a space-faring culture has become something that, in today’s world, even most people on welfare have access to. Says something about our priorities, perhaps….lol

I’ll probably write more randomness later tonight, but for now, I’ll shut up. Enjoy.


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