Second Letter from Camp

Originally written: 7/6/14

“[my boyfriend],
So I told [my friend] that [the band he worked sound and lights for] was too gimmicky, and the lead guy over heard me and was like ” if people don’t get it blah blah blah…”And I was thinking “no, dear…I GET it…i just HATE it.”

I don’t think he likes me much. This must be what it’s like to be a critic. I kind of like it. Lololol

There is someone here shining a green laser pointer like the one you have that the dog chases…and I want so much for it to be you, enough that I’m tempted to run after it like Loki does……. I really am a kitty.

Have you ever heard the song “sensitive artist? ” by King Missile? if not look it up. That’s what guys like that lead make think off…. Lol…..and I’m an artist, you have to be REALLY pretentious to make ME think that way.

Holy fucking shit I’m high. I smoked a bowl, then drank what was probably about five or six shots worth of rum. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and it is AWESOME.

Last time I felt like this I achieved nirvana. Like, seriously, ask me about it.

I can feel music.”

I never signed this one…oops! Incase you haven’t read the first Letter from Camp, I spent a week at a pagan nudist campground this summer, my boyfriend couldn’t go so I wrote him letters on my iPad so he’d know I was thinking of him even while I was having fun.

Loki is our one year old boxer.


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