Originally Written:  MAY 20, 2013

“First, I want to say that I’ve edited my first two posts, mostly for spelling mistakes and to add tags, so the dates and times may be funky….that will probably happen alot, because I was an English major in college (go me and my half of an associates degree! woot!) and although I am far from perfect (in fact i still can’t tell you whether its grammatical or grammarical , that one never sticks in my head) I really get OCD about my spelling errors…and other peoples…..and I tend to compulsively TELL people….alot…. God I’m lucky my friends can stand me…..ANYWAY, so if you’re a stickler for chronological accuracy in blogging, you might not wanna deal with mine.

SO, that said, I just finished watching the first 6 episodes of Syfy Channel’s new(ish) show, Defiance. It is AWESOME. I was excited about it when the previews aired, because its the first show I’ve run across since Farscape that has bad ass looking aliens that are a regular part of the show ( IE not just in a single episode). Gods I miss Farscape. Anyway, its awesome. The aliens that I’ve seen so far are AMAZING and well thought out, the SFX makeup is gorgeous, the CGI scenes are GORGEOUS and very real and not “CGI looking” (esp. the shots of “old St. Louis”, dude that was AWESOME…..), the characters are complex and fascinating (even the bad guys you sort of end up having an emotional connection to), and the plot is SO engaging that I can’t stand that the next episode doesn’t come out until tomorrow NIGHT! ARGGGG!( I sometimes sideline as a pirate, whatever)

I also noticed that there seem to be ALOT of familiar faces in the cast….so much so that I was compelled to check IMDB to see where I knew all these people from…but I’ll let you do that for yourselves.

All in all it is a GREAT show, and I hope it gains a big enough fan base to keep going for a long time, because I love it.

In other news, I am awesome.

No seriously, I just started this blog YESTERDAY and I already have a follower who I DO NOT KNOW! That is the best thing ever! So, follower, thank you for liking my ramblings enough to want to be notified when I add more of them! You rock!

I’m considering possibly going to sleep now…or maybe spending quality cuddling time with the 5 day old kittens under my china cabinet…..or making chicken soup…..We’ll see. Regardless, until tommorow :)”


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