On Drug Use and Writing

Originally written: just now

if you read many of my entries you will know i occasionally partake in recreational marijuana and imbibe alcohol. Now, as A child, sister, cousin, and grand daughter of alcoholics/addicts, I can honestly understand if this makes you uncomfortable, or you disagree with my choices.

That said, they ARE my choices, and i’ve made them, and if they bother you, simply don’t read this blog.

I think it all got summed up rather eloquently in this conversation I recently had with a cousin on the “more conservative” side of my family:

“Me: i think you would like my blog, but im afraid to show it to you.lol

Cousin: Hahaha no worries. If you’re not sure I won’t be offended if you don’t.

Me:well thanks, i think…i’d like you to take a gander, but i’d as k that even if you dont LIKE something i write that you not say so to the rest of the family. you can say so to me, i’d rather hear it to my face.

Cousin: Just saying if you don’t share I won’t take it personally. I’m weird so it’s probably fine

Me:if you’ve got time that is. any way, its here:

Cousin: Half the time my stories sound like they should have started with here, hold my beer. Too bad I don’t drink more

Me: and some of my stories start with i’m stoned…so, ya know….

Cousin: Ha my stoner stories… Two time, both still in the Army and both ended with I ate the while large pizza I ordered and half of my roommate’s.
Me:lolol! thats awesome, i get a little hungry, but not a pizza and a half hungry

Cousin: I must be really easy going, so far these are sane and stuff I can see normal people doing

Me:Awesome…But is it GOOD?”


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