Identity Crisis

Originally written: Just Now

The other day I was reading some poetry that i’d written in middle school… and I was reading them and thinking “wow i was a really crappy writer back then, and every one always told me i was good”

But this morning I was thinking about it and I realized… I didnt write those.

The girl who wrote those was so completely different from the person I am now, that its almost incomparable.

And I almost feel like putting my name on them is a kind of self-plagiarism

And yet… The point of this blog is to share myself with the world through my writing.

and if you dont know where i came from, you will never know how I got HERE.

In order to show the WHOLE me… That girl needs to be there.

So I think sometime this week I’m going to post those poems.

Because they are where this blog really begins.


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