A Comment

I tend to BE the weird date, more than the uncomfortable one…..

My first date with my current boyfriend was at an estate auction. We’d been talking online for a while. I’m an aspiring antiques/second hand dealer, so auctions are my thing. I was going to one near his house so I asked him to meet me there.

I lived with my parents, so they were with me.

A male friend of mine had stayed the night at my house the night before and he came along too.

They sold hot dogs and little bag of lays potato chips, so that was our first meal together.

I bought a box of funny vintage hats, an alcohol dispenser that looks like a gas pump, and several boxes of random junk.

He helped my dad load the car.

I hugged him when we went our separate ways.

Oddly, he still found me appealing, and we’ve been together ever since….

Sometimes the weird ones are the winners 🙂

Addendum: I just read a blog post about a girls awkward first date and felt I needed to share this story….left it as a comment on her post, but thought it’d work here


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