Zaphod Beeblebrox

Originally written 01-08-15 – 5:39 p.m.

“k so im thinkin- i decided, since i borrowed “the more then complete hitch hikers guide” from [my boyfriend](if you havent read it, you should. if you dont want to, you should…be shot.) that im obsesed with it, and that is the best book ive ever read other then the alice [in wonderland] books, which, are of course an exception since they were written by god.(does it worry you that god was in love with an 8 year old child? that doesnt phase me in the least and some how i find that troubling…hmm….yet another thing to consult my shrink about…)

anyway, taking this new obsession into account ive decided i want to be Zaphod Beeblebrox for halloween. im not even sure ill do anything for halloween but if i do , thats what im being. now if you havent read the book(s) this might sound simple but it isnt. because, as you know if you HAVE read them/it, zaphod beeblebrox has two heads and three arms.

now, since i cant MAKE an extra head, because both of zaphods head seem capable of conversation(whether it is intelligent conversation or not is debateable) i think the simplest way to achieve this would be to have two people in one costume. so of course, i asked the one person who i could stand to be stuck in a shirt with for hours at a time to play my other half, my [boyfriend]. He said it depends on you plays trillian:).(if you dont know what i mean READ THE GD BOOK!)

anyways about the costume. the shirt part is pretty easy, because all you gotta do it cut off the top and sew on a new top so there are two neck holes.i think it will be fairly comfortable, because im going to make it so we each have one hand inside, so we can hold hands, and no one will see

…hehe…. it’ll be all sneaky and stuff… muah ha ha. however the pants are going to be quite tricky. im not sure yet how im going to make a pair of pants that will fit me and [my boyfriend] each in one leg and still look like pants. lets just say neither of us is a small person. at least we arent too much a difference in size so it wont look like we have one huge leg and one tiny one. oh well. ill tell ya if i can figure out anything more! ttfn, ta ta for now!”


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