Once upon a time in prison…

Originally Written: 4/12/06 5:15 am

Dear whomever reads this,

Prison really sucks. I’m lonely and the only people who write are my family and my mom’s friends. Doesnt anyone under the age of 40 love me anymore???
The exceptions are [my friend] and my [best friend]. I love you both SO much for sticking it out with me + I will always be in your debt.

A short update on life on the wrong side of the barbed wire- I’m working in the mess hall every day but monday and tuesday for 8 hours. I get paid 16 cents an hour. Seriously. Thats about all I do. I call home about every other night. I can only make collect calls, but for anyone who is willing to accept the charges (cant call cell phones sorry) I’d love to talk to you, even if its just once. Mail is the best part of my day. (I DESPISE weekends) so please try to write even if you are a stranger who accidentally stumbled on this journal. And have your friends write. And your friends friends! and your friends friends … OK ok you get the point, I’m desperate! I promise to write back to every one who writes!

My address is

make sure you put your return address on the envelope. And yes its ok if the letter is typed I hate writing by hand too! Ok and send me pictures of anything =)

I love you all and miss you terribly much. May these 2 years go by in a flash!

Addendum: Yes, I spent time in prison. It was an unfortunate result of an abusive relationship. and unfortunately, I stayed for 4 1/2 years, not the 2 i was hoping for when i wrote this. this is an entry from an old online journal, my dear friends transcribed my hand written entries so I could keep it up while I was “away”. I’m very lucky to have them. I’m posting this mostly so that anyone who knows someone in prison or jail can have a bit of insight into how it feels, and what you can do to make it easier.


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