Letter from Camp

Originally written: 7/6/14

“[my boyfriend],
I’m stoned and I miss you so I’m writing you a letter. I’m so stoned, it took me twenty minutes to write this far, but I refuse to stop. Because I love you.
The moon is really beautiful tonight….I hope you see it when you walk out to the cabin. I’d be texting you if I could but my stupid fucking phone didn’t charge while I wAs hot tubbing, so I can’t. I’m pretty sure that there was a couple fucking in the hot tub WHILE we were in it. So much for that rule I guess. It was kind of hot, but it made me miss you. If you were here I would have been like ” well if they can, we can” and followed suit.
I opened this app to write to you and found notes that I’ve been leaving myself when I was stoned. There is more than one. Apparently I don’t remember them when I’m sober. THAT is fucking crazy. That’s like some Jekyll and Hyde shit. “Jekyll sounds like a bad guy name because Jekyll sounds like jackal and jackals are hyenas and hyenas are shitty people” that’s a stoned Lana quote, you are now part of the inside joke.
[ My friend] keeps calling me ” woman”. He says it’s punctuation.

There’s this group of people here called the “hashers” ( apparently it’s got something to do with drunken running?) and they are a big bunch of douche bags who really shouldn’t be at [this camp]. We went down there to chill with them and they were like, oh look, it’s the locals, we didn’t recognize you with your clothes on, and making fun of paganism and shit…… Very not cool. Luckily they are leaving tomorrow because they are really seriously killing the mood of the place.
It’s too bad too, cuz it seems like they know how to throw a good party. But they’re dicks.
It’s gotten really chilly out, so I’m in the back of truck cuddled up in blankets. But I’m not really sleepy yet. Maybe I’ll draw you a picture. Aww man…now the fucking douche bag people are playing Brick House…. Why must they suck, I want to go boogey down with my bad self…..Lolol….I’m dead serious though. Love this song.
I’m cold so I think I’m gonna try to go to sleep. I hope my phone is charged in the morning so I can talk to you. I love you baby.

Your Lana”

Addendum: I spent a week this summer at a pagan nudist campground. my boyfriend couldn’t join me and I was having phone issues, so I wrote him letters on my iPad so he’d know I’d been thinking of him, even though I was having fun. This is the first of those.


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