First Hunt

Originally written: May 16th, 2014

“These are the Treasures found on my first ever metal detecting expedition :


Not bad for a first try! My boyfriend and I found all of these objects in my yard (for those who wonder I live in the country in Upstate New York). Some of them I had trouble identifying, like the pin punch, that’s a tool, my father was able to recognize it and give it a name. and one thing we still cant figure out, see “unknown object?” in photo.

This is the “unknown object” up close from several different angles. My boyfriend thinks it looks like a foot of some sort, and I think it looks like some kind of hook, but really we’re just stumped. Anybody have any suggestions? its fancy looking, like maybe it came off a jewelry box, or something? I have no idea


Tom’s favorite find was the skiing key chain, I think mine was the Pin Punch.At some point, I want to take the coolest of the objects we find and make them into something, like a sculpture…found art with a twist.

Our first hunt was definitely enough to give me the “bug” for metal detecting, its super fun, and even when you find junk you feel like you did something incredible. and now I can cross “finding buried treasure” off my bucket list! hell, we even, technically, found money!

Several of my friends are totally excited about this new adventure and want to get in on the fun, so there should be lots more hunts in the future….. and if you have a chance to use one yourself, I totally recommend it, its a great time killer and it doesn’t cost anything after you’ve got the metal fun is always awesome.”


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