originally written: 2001-08-15 – 12:47 p.m.

“would you all like to read a very interesting conversation i just had? it will explain how my day is going. of course you would. here it is-

me: hello adam

friend: hey how ya doin

me: well at the moment im iffy

me: i just found half of the mouse my cat killed last week

me: needless to say it does not smell particularly pleasant

me: luckily i found it on top of the things in my garbage can

friend: hehe could be worse

me: at least my cat is considerate enough to throw dead things away when shes done playing with them

me: although this has me quite convinced now that my cat is much smarter than most humans i know

friend: hehe

me: and that could be a bit disturbing if i believed we existed in the first place.

yes so thats my day so far. im attempting to clean..ha! i believe today [my boyfriend] said he would try to find an internet cafe. That would be very nice. i should like very much to hear from him.  my cousin, just called. He found a job for my brother that is very much a good think. because [my brother] needs a job. badly. and a life also. a life would be good. dont get me wrong..i love my brother…..most of the time.”


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