Starting a new Blog….again…

Originally written  MAY 18, 2013

“So, recently read Jenny Lawson’s “Lets Pretend This Never Happened”, which is an AWESOME and hilarious book, and thought “hey, I could do that!” I’ve never blogged before, mostly because I’m just too damn scatterbrained to write about any particular thing consistantly, which I thought was sort of prerequisite….but apparently I was wrong about that, which is AWESOME….because I think I’m quite amusing at times, and I blog in my HEAD all the time, so i really think its better if I actually HAVE a blog. Well, I have company, so, I’ll write more later, just wanted to get this started!”


This was the first entry in a blog I started called “fedoras and french fries” (two of my favorite things) that lasted for about 6 entries and then died due to neglect. I’d actually forgotten about that blog until i recently got an email saying someone new is following it! Well “thank you!” person who followed it, because i rather enjoyed that one, and i think the first entry is sort of relevant to what i’m trying to do with THIS blog…lets hope I make a better go of it this time!


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